About Us webpage was put into service in the year 2016 by the technical team of Cantaş İç ve Dış Ticaret Soğutma Sistemleri Sanayi A.Ş. (Cantaş Inner and Outer Commercial Refrigeration Systems INC).

Cantaş which maintain the representative and distribution activities of several worldwide brand, has a chance to follow the R & D activities and future strategies closely that are being conducted over the developments and changes in our country by the global production companies thanks to the relationship between them and Cantaş.

After it was determined that there were very few sources in terms of international publications and it was possible to reach most of them with a paid membership, besides the publications were published into foreign languages, the lack of sectorial and technical publication in Turkish was noticed and this initiative was started.

The purpose of the page is to follow the developments and changes in our country and the global market and to share and to transmit the information and assessments obtained on these subjects with/to the valuable sector members without losing time. By this means, it is intended to create communication and interaction for everybody in the refrigeration sector.

This initiative which was started by Cantaş which undertakes the responsibility of being the leader supplier of the sector, is maintained with a social responsibility conscious only but without any commercial expectation. We invite you, precious members of our sector, to follow our webpage. We would be glad to publish your shares on the page which are oriented at the purpose.